All clients will are requested to read and sign this agreement




Appointments are normally set for the customer’s convenience and the groomer will make every attempt to arrive on time. However, the customer must acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances with pets, traffic, weather, equipment problems and other conditions that occur during the day may result in a delayed arrival time or, as a last resort, the rescheduling of the appointment. The groomer will make every attempt to contact the customer prior to the appointment to advise of his estimated time of arrival.



Every effort will be made to keep our schedule running smoothly. A typical pet(s) groom can be completed in 1½ to 3 hours from the time of your appointment. If your pet(s) has behavior issues or skin and coat problems you may be looking at a longer period of time. If you need your pet(s) returned by a certain time please let us know prior to the groom. We are happy to work with you as much as possible, but repeated calls to check on the readiness of your pet(s) only cause further delay.



We want your puppy’s first few visits to be as pleasant as possible and will make every effort to do so by starting with the simplest haircuts. Your puppy should enjoy grooming and, to encourage this, a puppy’s first haircut is not guaranteed. If you teach your puppy some basic discipline, e.g. to be still for brushing, professional grooming will be much easier for both pet(s) and groomer. Tearless shampoo will be used for your puppy’s safety.



We will use extra care and patience for older pet(s)s; however, we will not be held responsible for any reaction due to the mental or physical stress of grooming the geriatric pet(s). If, in our judgment, brushing or clipping is determined to cause too much stress to the pet(s), we will modify or terminate the haircut. Please be sure to notify us of any health conditions that might make your pet(s) uncomfortable during the bathing, drying, or clipping phases.

Any grooming which takes place on an elderly or frail pet(s) is conducted at your risk.



It is not our standard policy to groom very large dogs, please be sure to let us know what type of dog you have and what the dog’s weight is when you make your first appointment with us.


Senior Pets & Pets with Health Issues

Grooming procedures sometimes can be stressful and may expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate existing ones during or after the grooming.  Because these pets have a greater chance of injury, they will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort in styles that will not add to their stress.  SCRUBBY DOGS Pet Grooming will not be responsible for accident or injury to an elderly or health compromised pet during grooming.



All grooming fees must be paid, at the time services are rendered, by cash or cheque. Cheques returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $35 returned cheque fee. As a result services will go to a cash only payment basis.



  • On rare occasions, SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming may need to cancel appointments due to weather, road conditions, equipment failure. Every effort will be made to contact the client in advance.
  • As the client, I understand that I will notify SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming 24 hours in advance if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment. Failure to notify may result in a $30 fuel fee which must be paid prior to my next grooming appointment. Leaving a message on their 24 hour voice mail is acceptable.



In the event that SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming arrives at my home or office for a scheduled, confirmed appointment and finds no one there to release the pet to their care, they will wait 15 minutes before leaving. I understand further, that failure to keep my scheduled, confirmed appointment may result in being assessed a $30 fuel fee charge.





I understand that SCRUBBY DOGS mobile pet grooming, may take pictures of my pet, before and after grooming, for their website, advertising and education.



SCRUBBY DOGS has the right to refuse service for the following reasons:

  • Pet(s) will not be groomed if not safe or too large or heavy to handle.
  • Grooming service can be stopped in mid-groom if necessary for the safety of the pet and the groomer and if this is necessary the client may be charged the price of the groom, tax and travel fee.

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  • If it is deemed that client’s location is unsafe due to traffic or certain street or parking and access/egress situations or is located in a high crime area.
  • Service may be terminated for repeated cancellations without 24 hr. notice, as described above.
  • Service may be terminated if a mutually cordial business relationship cannot be maintained for whatever reason.

GROOMING PROCEDURES – Safety First for people and pets during the grooming process


  • Due care will be taken for the safety of both the pet and groomer.
  • Client must inform Scrubby Dogs during booking procedure if the pet has bitten someone or has aggressive tendencies.
  • If necessary for the safety of the pet and the groomer, muzzles, elastic collars, slings, straps etc. will be humanely used.
  • The grooming process will be terminated if the groomer feels the animal’s behaviour is compromising safety**
  • Owners will be held liable for bites received by groomer due to unprovoked aggressive behaviour or property damage caused by their pets.
  • We require current rabies vaccinations for every adult pet and all puppies and kittens to have started their vaccine series. Proof of vaccination must be provided.
  • For the pet to properly respond to the groomer it is essential that clients do not assist with the grooming unless requested to do so. If the pet does not respond to the groomer or is distracted from commands to remain still during the grooming procedure, accidents such as nicks from clippers, scissors or toenail trimmers can happen.


** Charges may apply.


Matted Coat – Dematting a severely matted coat is in total contradiction to the stress free philosophy of SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming.

Please do not expect this to be done if not requested at booking.


If our groomer determines that a regular grooming is impossible then client will be given the choice of one of the following alternatives:

  • Recommended – with client’s permission the pet will be completely shaved. Charges for the shave down or shaving ears and tail, if they are matted, are determined on a per pet basis.
  • Time permitting – the groomer will de-mat the pet (if possible) at $1 per minute (minimum $15) in addition to the regular grooming fee. If the client requests the mats be combed out, the groomer will not do so if it causes pet undue stress or pain.
  • **A rescheduled appointment will be offered to allow client time to remedy the problem prior to a regular grooming.
  • **A rescheduled, extra time appointment will be offered if client wishes de-matting be done at a later date by Scrubby Dogs Mobile Pet Grooming.

**A $30 fuel fee may apply.


Mat Removal:


  • While our groomers exercise extreme care while clipping excessively matted coats, this procedure includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the mats.
  • Heavy matting can also trap moisture near the pet’s skin allowing fungus or bacteria to grow causing skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming process.
  • After effects of mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, irritation from the procedure, self-inflicted irritation or abrasions and failure of the hair to re-grow in some areas.
  • In certain breeds and coat types, the coat may not grow back the same
  • Neglect of the pet’s coat can be cause for problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation.
  • Allowing a pets coat to get matted is not only very uncomfortable but poses a serious threat to the health of your pet. Excessive matting can be avoided with regular brushing and grooming and our groomer will be happy to show you some brushing techniques for mat prevention.
  • A shave down is the only way to allow the skin to receive necessary oxygen and for new, healthy hair to grow. Excessive de-matting is a painful, time-consuming and costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can cause or aggravate skin problems.
  • As the client, I am aware that closely shaven pets, due to matting, are also prone to sunburn and should either have sun screen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair growth is sufficient to protect the skin.
  • In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioural changes.
  • Shaving of your pet may dramatically change your pet’s appearance and the hair will be very close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin conditions.


Shave downs or custom cuts that are outside normal specific breed haircuts will be discussed and the groomer will perform the cuts to the best of his understanding of client’s directions and his ability but no other guarantee is made.


As the owner, I am responsible for the condition of my pet’s coat and I will not hold SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming, responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal and/or shaving.


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Veterinary Care

We make every effort to ensure your pet’s grooming is pleasant and safe, if your pet becomes ill or is hurt and the services of a veterinarian are required, you, as the owner, hereby give SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming permission to obtain treatment if you are not available to do so and you agree to pay such expenses. (See Pet Health section)



  • Allergies and Sensitivities: Your dog’s safety and comfort is our primary concern. A list of any allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing medical conditions is required during the booking procedure so we can avoid aggravating these situations.
  • Please let us know of any prior grooming history you or your dog may not have found satisfactory. We want to avoid the repetition of poor or unpleasant experiences or situations.
  • SCRUBBY DOGS understands that some dogs are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail trimming and/or ear cleaning. It is not our intent to cause your dog discomfort, so although these are routine procedures normally performed for the well-being of the pet(s), we will not continue with any grooming procedure that will cause pain, discomfort to the pet(s) or harm to the groomer. Sometimes, for a more sensitive dog, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian.



If fleas are found on your pet, Scrubby Dogs will treat with a flea bath to eradicate the fleas in order to maintain salon sanitation. This is at the groomer’s discretion and at the client’s expense. The shampoo is gentle, non-alkaline and hypoallergenic.



I understand that although most pets are very well behaved, not all are “perfect angels”. I understand SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming will make every attempt in the safe handling of my pet. In the event that my pet demonstrates aggressive behavior, or if I have misrepresented my pet’s tendency/history of doing so that SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming reserves the right to refuse service to my pet and I may be charged a $30 fuel fee. I also understand that all bites will be reported to the local authorities as required by law.



SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming will not be held responsible for damages to my yard, home or property during the grooming of my pet or pets.



As the owner or care giver, I authorize SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming to perform scheduled grooming appointments while I am away from my home or property. In the event where a key to my home is left or given to

 SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming they will not be held responsible for any damages or theft to my home or property. I will sign an invoice, work order or receipt each time my pet is groomed or leave a note with my signature should I not be available.


I the undersigned do understand and agree to the terms as outlined above.





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I the undersigned do understand and agree to the terms for the grooming and maintenance of my pet(s) and in consideration of the grooming services of SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming agree to hold harmless from damage, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing condition of my pet(s). The terms, special services or handling shall include but are not limited to veterinarian emergency services in the event I am not available. I authorize SCRUBBY DOGS Mobile Pet Grooming and/or agent thereof to act as my agent in the event emergency veterinarian services, boarding, care-taking, and/or transportation is necessary and I agree to pay all costs. Any/all damages, loss or claim shall include, but not be limited to death, injury, or shock. Said pre-existing conditions shall include, but not be limited to advanced age, extreme nervousness, neurosis, illness, previous injury, skin or coat conditions or medical conditions.



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